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How to start furniture business in India

 In the present time, furniture plays a special role in the decoration of homes and furniture is also the need of every home. That is why every person makes different types of furniture for his house and arranges it in his home according to his wish. Different types of furniture are required not only in the house but also in the office, apartment, etc.

Furniture is used only as other essential things in every home and in such a situation, if a person wants to start a furniture business then it can prove to be a very good business for that person. The demand for furniture is increasing very much in every field, so the furniture business can become a profitable business for people.

how to start furniture business in india
how to start furniture business in india

All of you can benefit a lot in the furniture business if you start this business in a good way. The furniture business is such a business, in which all of you people have to make things like wood, plastic, etc., which is very necessary for a house. All of you people can make a good source of your income in a very short time by starting the furniture business.

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Today we are going to tell you all in detail about the furniture making business plan. All of you will be able to start a good furniture shop very easily after reading this article. All of you people will get to know such information in this article, which is very effective to make this business big.

Today all of you have been told by us, so we will get to know what is furniture?, What is a furniture-making business?, how to start a furniture business in india? Materials required in furniture making business, Workers useful in furniture making business, Furniture making process, How to market furniture business?, How much can it cost to start a furniture business How much profit can be made from furniture business etc.

If you want to start a furniture business, then this article written by us is going to be very important for all of you. Because all of you people will get to know all the information related to furniture business in great detail in this article and you will be able to start furniture business very easily by reading this article. So let's start this article and know, detailed information about the furniture making business.

What is furniture?

Furniture is a product made of wood, which is made to make homes attractive and for their own comfort. There will be some of you who, after hearing the name of furniture, must be thinking that furniture means bed, chair and table. You all are thinking right, but furniture doesn't even mean that. Furniture is in your home in the form of things like sofa, table, chair, bed, wardrobe etc. All the wooden things used in the house are called furniture and some plastic items are also present in it.

Furniture is a comfortable construction incorporating our Indian culture into itself, which is used in every household in the present time. Whatever carvings are done while making furniture, they are all a part of our culture. This is being said because all the carvings are from ancient times.

That is why the manufacture of furniture is considered very valuable and an example of cultural inclusion for us. According to astrological beliefs, furniture causes Vastu defects in the house, it happens when the furniture is not kept in the right place.

how to start a furniture business in india

By now we all know what is furniture. Let us now know what is furniture business. Making furniture and selling it in the market and getting profit by selling furniture is called furniture making business.

In the present time furniture is used first for the construction of wedding, festival, office, school, building etc. or after construction as well as for its good setup.

This is the reason that at present, there is a lot of development in the furniture business and people are also earning a lot of income by learning this work and starting the business.

Who can start a furniture-making business in India?

Any person in the world can start the business of making furniture. But he should have the skill of making furniture. At present, there are very good big companies, which make readymade furniture and sell it in the market and earn a lot of income every year. That is why it is said that if you have the skill to do a business, then you can easily achieve success in that business.

It does not even depend that if you have the skills to do business, then you can start the business of making furniture. To start a furniture making business, you should have the skills as well as the money to invest in the business.

To make furniture, all of you people will need wood and machinery, for which you will have to spend and if you want to sell the product in the market by making your brand, then all of you people will also have to be registered and along with it business. License must also be obtained.

What are the things to keep in mind before starting a furniture making business?

To start furniture making business, first of all, all of you will have to follow some special things and also have to do good research about all of them in the market. So let us know what things should be kept in mind before starting the furniture making business:

  • All of you people have to do special research on which wooden furniture is in high demand in the market at present.
  • Special information should be kept about the demanded wood and their price in the market so that from time to time you can increase or decrease their prices according to the price of the wood.
  • While starting the business of making furniture, make sure to choose a special place.

  • Be sure to get the license and registration related to the business so that you do not have to face any kind of special difficulty.

  • After seeing the development in the furniture business, you must appoint workers.

  • Contact the wholesalers of the raw material in the markets.

  • For furniture making, mainly use all those machines, which are capable of giving your furniture a good shape.

  • Marketing your furniture business, especially so that more and more people can know about your business.

  • Sell ​​your furniture production keeping in mind the gap between retail customers and contractors.

Land required for furniture making business

We want to tell you that in the business of making furniture, all of you will need open and large space and you will need such a place. Because there you have to keep the machines used for making furniture and that is why you will need open space for furniture making business.

All of you people have to keep raw material for machines as well as other equipment, tools and furniture at these places.

You have to choose such a place for furniture making business, where transport facility can be easily available and you start the furniture business in such a place, where there is a market and there is a lot of movement of people in the surrounding areas. .

Not only this, all of you should start your business in those places where the demand for furniture is high. In the furniture making business, all of you people will especially need 1200 square feet to 1500 square feet of land. If you have this much land then you can start this business very easily.

Raw Materials Required in the Furniture Making Business

All of you will mainly need raw materials to prepare the furniture. You all can make furniture attractive and comfortable by using these raw materials. You can cut and paste the raw materials as per your requirement and the product scores good strength and luster.

Method of making furniture In this, all of you will need some special raw material, which will help you a lot in making your furniture. Following are the raw materials for making furniture:

  • wood
  • glass
  • adhesive for sticking to wood and glass
  • paint
  • Primer
  • sunmica
  • ply

Machinery needed in furniture making business in India

Furniture making method in which all of you may specifically need the following machines mentioned by us. All these machines mentioned by us can prove to be very essential for all of you and for your business:

  • hand cutting machine to cut wood
  • Wood Planer to Plane Wood Power
  • wood hack bit
  • hand drill machine for drilling holes in wood
  • Belt sander to make wood shine
  • buffing machine

 register and license required for  furniture business in india

All of you will need to register to start the furniture business. However, in other businesses, you do not need registration to start a small scale business. But this is not the case in this business. All of you people will also need registration to start business on a small scale.

Because this is a business in which you read the need of wood and you will have to cut trees to meet the requirement of wood, so you will need registration. You can also choose a brand of your business at the time of registration itself.

modular furniture factory setup cost

All of you people will have to spend around 30 to 40 thousand rupees in the furniture business. If you have the required land for this business then you will have to spend less.

furniture business profit margin in india

In the furniture business, you can easily earn from 40% to 45% on the sale of almost one product.


In this post, we have added all the important points that you can know about all types of licenses, costs, and other specialties.

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