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new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in India

In this article, we will discuss in detail the topic “Manufacturing Business Ideas In India”. Here we have told you how you can start a manufacturing business idea and how much investment will be required.

It is related to Small Manufacturing Business Ideas In India like paper, food products, candles, rubber, the agriculture industry, leather products, etc.

Nowadays Small Scale Manufacturing Business is also giving very good earning. Especially the people who have worked on Home Manufacturing Business Ideas have started earning well in a few days.

Let's go to those best Manufacturer Business Ideas.

most profitable manufacturing business to start

As we know that every big business starts with a small business, so you can start a business on the basis of these business ideas. And these Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas (In Hindi) can gradually turn into Big Manufacturing businesses.

  • Small Business Ideas
  • Low Investment Ideas
  • Success Challenge

All the following ideas are based on the above three characteristics.

#1: Papad Making Business Idea

This business can be started very easily at home and requires very little investment. Women can do this business very well at home. Keep in mind that this business can also give you a lot of money.

Women who want to do business sitting at home can start working on the business of making papad.

At present, there are many such examples, in which a group of women started this papad business on a small scale and today they have become a famous brand. A living and recent example of this is “Lijjat Papad”. Papad being a digestive substance, it is also in great demand, which is used in large quantities as staple food and snacks etc.

#2: Bread-Making Business Idea

Apart from breakfast, man uses bread in various dishes. Bread is the most famous product, which is being used for many years. Today many new varieties of bread have come on the market, such as Brown Bread, White Bread, Sandwich Bread etc.

You too can start this business. Very little investment is required to start this business. However, you can also invest in bread-making the mold, oven microwave, dough mixer machine, etc. to finish the job quickly. Otherwise, this business can be done by hand also.

#3: Sanitary Pad Business Ideas

If you have seen Akshay Kumar's film "Pad Men", then you will know how important a sanitary pad is. It is a product specifically related to the health and dignity of women, although currently the use of pads is made for children. Women can start this business easily, and can start at home.

This is a Medium Scale Manufacturing Business Idea. If we talk about investment, it requires some manufacturing machines and cotton. Although the machines do not cost much money. Packets will also be required for packing sanitary pads.

#4: Furniture Making Business in India

Furniture is also an important part of our life, and it simplifies the life of human beings. Today even a house seems incomplete without furniture. Furniture can be used to decorate and organize the house. That is why even today their demand is very good. However, this manufacturing industry will require investment.

The furniture business is very good, which can be made from small to large scale. In this business, you will need laborers and machines. You can use hand tools instead of machines.

#5: Jeans Making Business Idea

Today the fashion of western countries (Jeans) has reached India, both boys and girls like jeans very much. It is the highest earning business, but it is a big manufacturing business idea. This requires labour, machines, land and factories. And to start it, a good business plan is also needed.

After starting the business, you have to constantly observe the upcoming fashion.

#6: Toys manufacturing business 

Toys are in demand every year, as toys are the favorite item of children. Plastic toys are being made from the present clay, and now electronic toys have also arrived. You can do the business of making toys, but it does not require much investment.

You can make outdoor toys with low investment, and you can take the help of Google or YouTube for new ideas. Keep in mind that not many people see the brand for toys, so you can easily get into this business.

#7: Biscuit Making 

This is a Medium Scale Manufacturing Business Idea, in which you will have to invest some money for the machines. However, at present, there are many types of machines available for making biscuits. And the competition in this business is also high.

But you can start this business in a new way, that means you can make biscuits in a new test or a new apple. Apart from this, products like toast and bread can also be made.

#8: Spice Powder 

Spices have an important contribution in life, and Indian spices also protect humans from many diseases. Indian spices are in demand in countries other than India as well. This is a Small Manufacturing Business Idea, which can be easily started with low investment.

In this business, raw materials have to be bought from farmers and ground and sold in the market by giving their own brand. Note that there will be a lot of competition in this business too, so keep the quality of your product good.

#9: Candle Business 

The candle business is also similar to the soap business, although in some places its demand is less. But you can start this business after analyzing your area. Candles are used for lighting in homes as well as for decorations at rallies, festivals, and birthdays.

It also requires very little investment, and this business can be done by hand or by machines. Its raw material is also available very cheaply.

#10: Incense Sticks Business 

You must know the usefulness of incense sticks that it is used all over the country. Today, apart from Indian companies, incense sticks are being manufactured and sold by foreign companies in India. However, the competition in this business is also high.

But if your incense sticks are successful in giving good fragrance and good quality to the customers, then your business will also be successful. Talking about the investment, some raw materials and wood are required here, for which very little investment is required.

#11: Soap manufacturing business in India

Today soap is made for different purposes, such as laundry, bath, hand washing soap, etc. And these soaps are needed everywhere. This is a good idea for Small Scale Manufacturing businesses, although you may have to face many competitors in this business.

But if your product is good then you can easily get into this business.

Soap can be manufactured by machine and manually. You can take any option based on your investment and start a small manufacturing business with a low investment. Keep in mind that if the quality and price of your soap are right, then you can build a big business very quickly.

#12: Cement Brick Manufacturing Business 

Its demand is also everywhere, and it is a good Medium Scale Manufacturing Business Idea. However, in this business, you will have to do the stuff of a lot of competitors. Because this business copy is ancient, some people will be very busy in this business.

It may take time to be successful in this business, but you have to work in the right way and adopt marketing strategies. This business will require cement powder, gravel, sand, water, and molds. Apart from this, some laborers will also be needed.

#13: Clothing Business

Cloth is also an important need among the three utmost needs of human beings, so its demand is always there. The clothing business is a type of Big Manufacturing Business Idea. It requires a lot of investment, but the earnings are also very high.

Keep in mind that many famous people are already working in this business category, so you will have to work very hard. And also take full care of the latest fashion.

#14: Business Idea for Making Cotton Buds

Many people want to start the manufacturing industry at low investment, then cotton bud is a good idea for them. It is used by many entrepreneurs as a raw material. At present machines also come for cotton bud manufacturing, but you can do this work by hand.

Cotton buds are mostly used for ear cleaning and in hospitals, hospitals, etc.

small manufacturing business in india

Apart from this, some other manufacturing industries are included in the list such as:

  • candy making
  • packaging box making
  • pickling
  • noodles business
  • plastic products business
  • artificial handmade jewelry business
  • Glassmaking business
  • ice cream business
  • chocolate making business
  • sugar cane business
  • belt making business
  • chalk making business
  • ink making business
  • ice or mineral water business
  • matchmaking business

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